IPO Titled Boxers in USA

There are 3 new IPO titled boxers:

IPO3 Diane’s Rock aka Dynamic SheraNGreat Expectations Solid as a Rock, and Jill’s Moto de la Legende d’Olav

Two IPO1 Deena’s Derek von Bachbett and Alex’s Flash vom Okeler Forst.

There are 2 new BH, Teresa’s Cornelia vd Valhalla who also earned her ATTS Temperament Title (TT), and Natalie’s Bourbon Von Bachbett.

For a complete list visit our website: IPO Titled Boxers




Atlas training agility

I like to cross train the boxers, it keeps them and me on our toes. It teaches the boxers other skills that they can then use in other situations. Agility helps to build confidence, coordination and cooperation at least in my boxers, can’t speak for others, just mine.


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Our Boxers

Our boxers from Dee back in 1994 to Tzarina in 2012. Miludee Boxers