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In loving memory of Mariposa

My cousin Annie’s Mariposa aka Anais von Miludee, recently passed. Her nickname came from the fact that she moved like a butterfly. Mari was a great agility dog, never met anyone she didn’t like and a companion to my cousin and CB aka Artio von Miludee. Mari was from our A litter, dam Tzarina vom Igneshof and Thor aka Kennengail’s Ballard, BH, CD, CGC, Certified Service Dog. We all miss our little butterfly.

A little training

Having lots of fun, training D-Boxerteers and working in the garden.  Thinking maybe retirement would do just nicely, if I didn’t have bills to pay, eat and feed D-Boxerteers, not necessarily in that order. Maybe I’ll win the lotto, HA HA HA !!!