In loving memory of Mariposa

My cousin Annie’s Mariposa aka Anais von Miludee, recently passed. Her nickname came from the fact that she moved like a butterfly. Mari was a great agility dog, never met anyone she didn’t like and a companion to my cousin and CB aka Artio von Miludee. Mari was from our A litter, dam Tzarina vom Igneshof and Thor aka Kennengail’s Ballard, BH, CD, CGC, Certified Service Dog. We all miss our little butterfly.


Boxers are all around dogs

What can a boxer do, you say? You should probably ask, what can’t a boxer do?

Boxers are companions, therapy, service, war, rescue, circus, police, sports, ranch hand, guards, to name a few of the many things a boxer can do.  All the boxer needs is a dedicated trainer that can appreciate the boxer can do attitude, he won’t give up even when you do.

Don’t forget the boxer was made to be a working breed.  A boxer that works is a better, healthier boxer. Enjoy your boxers, the good die young.