A little training

Having lots of fun, training D-Boxerteers and working in the garden.  Thinking maybe retirement would do just nicely, if I didn’t have bills to pay, eat and feed D-Boxerteers, not necessarily in that order. Maybe I’ll win the lotto, HA HA HA !!!

Boxers are all around dogs

What can a boxer do, you say? You should probably ask, what can’t a boxer do?

Boxers are companions, therapy, service, war, rescue, circus, police, sports, ranch hand, guards, to name a few of the many things a boxer can do.  All the boxer needs is a dedicated trainer that can appreciate the boxer can do attitude, he won’t give up even when you do.

Don’t forget the boxer was made to be a working breed.  A boxer that works is a better, healthier boxer. Enjoy your boxers, the good die young.